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By Shaikh Muhammad Fathurahman, M.Ag

Human is made of two elements, body and soul. The Qur'an explains that humans are created from the earth and the soul comes from the light of the Allah Soul.

The human soul is sacred as the birthplace of Allah characteristic. The soul can witness the Allah`s Greatness, Majesty and Prominency. The potential of the soul must be maintained and developed. A saintly soul will always be connected to Allah.

The Qur'an says, "And I breathed My soul in (the body) of men". The description should not be physically understood as blowing a balloon, or assuming the human soul is part of the soul of Allah.

The human soul which understood from the light of Allah in that verse is intended to glorify the human soul itself. Because the human soul once have had witnessed (musyahadah) of Allah.

A book named "Ar Ruh", by Sheikh Ibnul Qayyim Al Jauziyyah, addressing and discussing about the Soul in particular and comprehensive. In this book, it is described some of the soul activities, which among of it, the soul of a living person can communicate with the soul of the passed away.

In a hadith it is mentioned, 'No Muslim make pilgrims do greeting to those who are in the grave so Allah will restore the soul (people on the graved) to answer that greeting.

This is among the greatness of the Islam, that the soul of the believers can be connected although seperated by two different realms.

In the book of Fuyudhat an Nuraniyyah, it is mentioned that the human soul is glowing. And the human soul needs a spiritual father like a human being needs a tutor since childhood.

Many human who have a physical body look grown but their mentally or soul still like a child, it is because of the potential of their soul not treated or neglect.

Great phenomena such as structured and sistematic corruption, the murder of children by the elderly or otherwise, mutilation, various forms of injustice, etc. are mentaly matters. The matter of the soul is something in all human being need to be focus and pay their attention in every aspect of thier live.

The soul of the men who returns to Allah is divided in to two. First, the spirit of "mu'adzabah", which the soul would be tortured for his bad deeds in the world. And the "muna'amah" soul, which the soul is gained pleasure. Among of the pleasure is the soul can meet the holy people and the Prophets through dreams.

The dream is divided into three. First sourced from the lust. Like a dream because of the activities of our life. Second are sourced from satan, to make a doubts in the hearts of the believers. The third sourced from Allah, like the dream of the Prophet Yusuf AS told in the Qur'an.

In the event of Isra Mi'raj, Rasulullah SAW met with the soul of the Prophets. The Companions, among whom Usman ra. met with the other Companions soul before his death. All holy spiritual events are determined on the basis of an indication of godliness, not occured to any person.

The holy spiritual event are containing a special criteria and not happened to all person. Since the spiritual moment could motivate or derail humans.

3 things which can make negative effect to the soul is lust, negative effect of the world and the Allah Creation (human interaction). Ali Krw. explained that Allah created animals from lust without heart. human are given intelligence and heart. Angels are not given lust. If the godliness surpasses his lust he will be better than the angels. Conversely, if man is defeated by his lust then he can become more humiliated than animals. Hence, the godliness or holy soul is the one we must be grown in order to closed with and raise his degree to Allah.

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